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AVEA Pools & Outdoor Living

Create A Luxurious Outdoor Oasis.

Our custom pool service goes above and beyond to create the perfect indoor-outdoor ambiance.

Your Yard, Your Canvas

Frankel Design Build owns and operates our very own pool company, Avea Pools and provide superior technology and design. We factor in the yard, home architecture, and room site-lines to create a completely cohesive look.

Luxury Pool & Outdoor Living Spaces

Our design team specializes in bridging the gap between your home’s indoor and outdoor living spaces. In addition to designing your backyard for the outdoor views, we also design it for indoor views.

Pool Design & Construction

When we design swimming pools, we don’t just look at the square footage of your backyard. We take a bird’s eye view of your entire home. Our architects and designers examine the balance between the exterior architecture and interior design style of your home.

We look for certain defining factors such as:

• What is the square footage of your home?
• What is the style of your home?
• Are the main shapes angular or smooth?
• What is the exterior texture like?
• What color is your home?

Those shapes, colors, textures and lines will ultimately guide your pool design.

Our Swimming Pools Are Built to Last

Our goal is to build a pool that will withstand the test of time, structurally and aesthetically. In addition to creating a pool with a timeless, clean design, we take the drainage and foundational structure very seriously.

Our pools are made to last. Our pools are covered for up to a year with AVEA’s warranty program.

Pool Design by Skillful Architects

Because we’re home building architects at heart, we take a different approach to pool building. We design pools to follow your home’s natural style to bring a cohesive, high-end look to your outdoor living area.

We Send You Daily Updates on Your Pool

When you choose to design your pool with AVEA we will send you updates daily, including photos, in-depth construction notes and thorough status updates.

We want our quality of customer service to become the pool industry’s standard.

Our Base Specifications are Other Pool Builders’ Luxury Package

When you choose AVEA Pools, you will always get excellent quality workmanship.

At AVEA, we are always transparent with our pricing, and want you to stick around for the long term. At AVEA Pools, you’re treated like family.

We Marry Your Home's Interior with the Exterior Living Space

Designing your backyard for outdoor views is easy. We take things up a notch by thinking about how your outdoor living area will look from the inside of your home. While other pool builders brush over such considerations, we think the indoor appeal is just as important as how it looks from the outside. 

Your luxurious outdoor oasis will look amazing from every angle.

Outdoor Living Spaces

We consider your whole lifestyle when planning your swimming pool and outdoor living area. Our designers will ask you questions like:

• How many family members live in your home?
• What is your family’s daily schedule like?
• How often do you entertain?
• What do you want in an outdoor living space?