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Transitional Home

While each client’s individual architecture and design aesthetic differs, the creative process to building their home all begins the same - with a pen, a piece of paper, and a dream

Design & Build

Like what you see? Let Frankel Design Build go to work for you. Our turnkey process allows us to create a one of a kind home for you in a seamless manor. Let us build your next dream home.

1. Sketch

All of our plans begin with a sketch. Our architects take all of your design ideas and turn them into the first draft of your dream home.

2. Plan

Once your sketch has been reviewed, we will begin working on your plan. This step incorporates both design aspects as well as functionality.

3. 3D Render

After plan finalization, our architecture team will create a 3D rendering of your home that will allow you to "walk through" the space before construction begins. These renderings depict design details, lighting, interior selections, and furniture.

4. Construction

Now the exciting part takes shape: construction. Our highly-skilled project managers now turn your 3D rendering into your reality.